Boryeong Mud Festival


Note: These pictures were taken by the staff of Adventure Korea.

Last weekend I celebrated the end of the semester and the completion of English summer camp by taking a trip to the Boryeong Mud Festival. Boryeong is located in the South Chungcheong Province and hosts the festival every summer, attracting thousands of Koreans and foreigners alike. I never thought I would participate in an event like this but I found myself there and having fun!



The mud for the festival is trucked into the picturesque Daecheon Beach from another mud beach. As part of the Adventure Korea trip I was going on, I was able to visit the original mud beach as well as the festival site. At the mud beach, we ran a 5K (which I hadn’t done for nearly seven years!) through the mud and then played some team mud wrestling games. My favorite part was at the very beginning when we were told to lie down in the mud and make mud angels. The feeling of abandoning any sense of cleanliness was liberating!


5K participants listening to instructions.


Ready to start the mud marathon.


Running through three miles of mud.



Runners at the finish line.


Moving the wrestling ring into place.


Team mud wrestling!



Some of the Adventure Korea participants.

After several fun events at the mud beach, it was off to Daecheon Beach to enjoy the festival. This was my first time ever on the west coast of Korea! The festival included mud painting, inflatable mud slides, and plenty of food, but the lines for everything were very long. I spent most of my time getting clean in the ocean and enjoying the sandy beach of Daecheon.


Lines for the mud festival events.


Body painting with many colors of mud.


A mud pool.



Sandy Daecheon Beach.


Fun in the water.

I went to the festival with the EPIK teacher from my school and we were able to meet some nice folks from other parts of the country. Overall, I had a fun time—it was a great way to unwind after a semester of teaching!



One response to “Boryeong Mud Festival

  1. Wow! Who would ever guess that paying in the mud could be such fun! Even so, I imagine a good warm bath felt good at the end of this adventure. Thanks, Jonathan for sharing your adventures with us.

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